Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Be careful your coffee doesn't turn into a hamburger

This is another good argument for steering clear of large American type coffees. Another is they just don’t taste very good. But I must admit I need sugar in my espresso to balance the taste.

From the Courier Mail in Oz:

ARE you mad about mocha, do you love your latte or is your day just not worth beginning without a kick-start from a cappuccino?

Beware: your favourite beverage probably contains more calories, fat and sugar than you imagine.

A large white chocolate mocha with whipped cream can weigh in at more than 600 calories and 28g of saturated fat.

That's more calories than a McDonald's Big Mac burger (480) and more saturated fat than a 100g block of Dairy Milk chocolate (18.7g).


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Anonymous said...

I'm drinking more green tea these days.

Noticed that

Koots Green Tea are trying out green tea lattes at a cafe in Seattle.

Doesn't seem right to put milk into green tea but who knows, Kouta Matsuda has already backed a few winners.