Thursday, 14 June 2007

A few links

Couple of interesting links:

Scientists Demonstrate Best Way To Use Caffeine
Here is some useful news you can use. Morning "big gulp" coffee drinkers are misusing the power of caffeine. Researchers at the Sleep Disorders Center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago along with colleagues at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School have shown that caffeine is best admnistered in a larger number of smaller doses with the doses coming later in the day.

Coffee's perk -- It's healthy
Apparently it's harder to shake a bad reputation than a caffeine habit.
Even after decades of study suggesting coffee is not harmful, one of the world's favorite beverages remains much maligned, with people afraid that it may cause everything from cancer to heart disease and high blood pressure.
But according to research, coffee might actually have some health benefits, and it's one of the few drinks available these days that doesn't come loaded with sugar and calories. It might guard against gout, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, and other health problems.

McDonald's, Starbucks Battle Over Brews
A brewing battle in the coffee business is heating up.
An analyst at Deutsche Bank said Starbucks may see sales slow as people increasingly turn to McDonald's for their daily cup of joe, according to Bloomberg News.
McDonald's, which reported monthly sales last week that rose the most in three years, is selling iced coffee and other specialty drinks at some stores.


Karen said...

like mickey d's and starbucks needs more money?

Happy said...

One more good thing - some coffee health facts:)